Manitou’s range of forklifts combines over 55 years’ experience and innovation in the field of durable forklift design.  At Manitou, you can rely on our range of 30 forklifts to increase productivity, cut down costs and minimise down time.

Our wide range of forklifts include:

Optimise your productivity in real-time!
  • Load capacities range between 1 800 to 7 000 kilograms
  • Compact designs of the electric & LPG forklift ensure easy manoeuvrability in around confined spaces
  • Rough terrain forklifts have load capacities of up to 7 000 kilograms
  • Forklift trucks are ultra-compact with a load capacity of up to 3 500 kilograms
  • Vertical or masted forklift trucks
  • Serviced & supported throughout South Africa

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Our rough terrain & conventional forklifts master any application!

Conventional forklifts are available in electric and diesel/LPG variations and are suitable for any lifting application in South Africa. Our compact designs also enable the machines to operate in confined spaces.

Whether you’re in the mining, agriculture, warehousing or construction industry, we have a forklift to suit your material handling needs!

Manitou’s entire range of forklifts is available for sale throughout South Africa exclusively through Manitou Southern Africa.

View Manitou’s wide range of forklifts:

Electric Forklift

Manitou's electric forklifts are able to lift up to 3 000 kilograms. With both 3 and 4-wheel drive options, Manitou has perfected its range of electric forklifts, ensuring optimal productivity in your application. With tight turning radiuses, compact designs and advanced counterweight stability, this range of electric forklifts provides greater manoeuvrability and allows for narrower aisles and more storage capacity within a warehouse. READ MORE

Diesel / Petrol Forklift Truck

Manitou's diesel forklift truck range with 8 top-quality Yanmar diesel and Nissan GPL models, lifting between 1 800 to 10 000 kilograms. With exclusive design features including large diameter front-wheels, Manitou’s diesel and petrol forklift trucks excel over any type of ground, both indoor and outdoor. READ MORE

Electric Forklift Truck

Manitou's range of electric forklift trucks lift from 1 800 to 3 500 kg while improving operator visibility, efficiency and comfort. These electric forklift trucks are equipped with Powershift Transmission for optimal reliability and a guaranteed jerk-free approach. READ MORE

Rough Terrain Forklift

Rough terrain forklifts from Manitou optimise productivity in Africa's toughest mining, agriculture and construction industries up to 700kg! READ MORE

Truck Mounted Forklift

Truck mounted forklifts from Manitou lift 2700 kilograms over 3.5 metres in all terrains. Compact, practical, these truck mounted forklifts can be ready for operations in less than a minute and its free lift means you can handle and place/remove loads even when lower ceilings/roofs would normally make things difficult. READ MORE

Manitou is a world-leading supplier of forklifts for local applications!

  • Manitou was the first forklift company to invent an all-terrain forklift in 1958
  • Manitou is one of the world’s top-selling forklift brands
  • Headquartered in in France, Manitou is active in over 100 countries with 600 dealerships worldwide
  • Over 11 dealerships in South Africa and neighbouring countries
  • Manitou South Africa’s history as a leading forklift company goes back over 40 years!

Unbeatable warranty

Our standard warranty provides 12 months or 2 000 hours of service. 12- or 25-month extended warranties are available, allowing operators to reduce or even eliminate unplanned maintenance costs with an extended warranty that is tailored to your requirements.

In addition we offer our clients a world-class service and support network across South Africa, with dealerships in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Kathu, Port Elizabeth, Richards Bay, Rustenburg, Vereeniging and Steelpoort. In southern Africa, Manitou is represented in Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Service contracts and agreements

Our service and full maintenance contracts provide our customers fixed costs, maximum uptime and lifetime guarantees. This helps ensure that their equipment continues to comply with safety regulations and that it is maintained and serviced to OEM standards.

With over 40 years of technical experience and expertise in developing handling equipment, including forklifts, we pride ourselves in providing only the best services and premium quality equipment.

  • Experienced technicians are available to evaluate all machines when serviced and replace consumable parts that do not meet OEM standards.
  • Our technicians have access to international expertise, providing proficient maintenance and service
  • Call-out and labour are worked into each service contract, allowing for expense predictability

Enquire now or call +27 10 040 7313 for tailored finance plans & pricing available with our entire range of forklifts!