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ME318 Electric Forklift Truck

Length: 2.97m
Width: 1.09m
Height: 2.00m
Weight: 3240kg
Engine: Electric 48 V
Lifting Capacity: 1800kg
Lifting Height: 6.50m
ME 318 AC masted forklift from Manitou can lift 1 800 kg up to 6.5 metres and is ideal for all warehousing applications.

Special Features:

Improved material handling with Manitou electric forklifts Manitou’s electric forklifts are designed with greater manoeuvrability in mind, allowing for narrower aisles and more storage capacity within a warehouse.  With tight turning radiuses, compact designs and advanced counterweight stability, electric forklifts from Manitou guarantee improved warehouse safety by reducing the risk of impacts.