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Pickup Sweeper Telehandler Attachment

The Manitou Pickup Sweeper enables large-area surface cleaning, offering a high-quality sweeping and pickup action in a single operation. The Pickup Sweeper attachment delivers a fast cleaning operation, covering areas of 2 500 m2 in 10 minutes. The 230 mm polyester and steel bristle brush forms an ideal scrubbing tool for sweeping along walls, streets or sidewalks. The brush orientation on the attachment is interchangeable, and can be mounted on either side of the unit as required by application. The attachment’s swivel wheels facilitate an easy drive and directing of the unit. This attachment is ideally suited for the following Manitou telehandlers:
  • MLT-X 735 telehandler
  • MLT-X 845 telehandler
  • MT-X 625 telehandler