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Sliding Tine Hydraulic Pallet Fork Attachment

Sliding Tine Hydraulic Pallet Forks are available in manually adjustable 1 067 mm or 1 219 mm tine lengths. They have 1 678 kg and 2 494 kg capacity at 610 mm load center and are ideal for clamping. The pallet fork tines are hydraulically controlled from the cab, and the attachment is available in 1 067 mm, 1 219 mm and 1 372 mm tine lengths that are adjusted together to keep the load centered. These pallet forks, which have a walk-through style allowing for easy cab access and exit, are also referred to as nursery pallet forks.

Special Features:

Sliding tine hydraulic pallet forks attachment features:
  • Simultaneous tine adjustment facilitates centered load
  • Easy cab access and exit
  • Manually adjustable tine lengths