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MI-X 100 D High Capacity Forklift Truck

Width: 2.17m
Height: 6.00m
Weight: 13590kg
Engine: Cummins
Lifting Capacity: 10000kg
The MI-X 100 high capacity forklift truck, the largest for sale from Manitou, lifts an impressive 10 000 kg! Its high capacity 89 kW diesel engine enables this heavy-duty performance for Africa’s toughest applications! This high capacity forklift truck is easy to operate, provides high visibility and working comfort, and is easy to maintain! This range of high capacity forklift trucks are ideal for use in construction, agriculture, warehousing and timber & forestry.

Special Features:

Boost performance with Manitou high capacity forklift trucks The MI-X 100 D High Capacity Forklift Truck has been designed around user expectations and is comfortable and reliable. Its simplicity makes this forklift truck intuitive and its smooth operation enhances efficiency. The Manitou forklift truck range features unique industry-firsts in ergonomics such as contoured seats with seatbelts, extra foot well space, advanced cab heating, and well-positioned mount and unmount handles. Other Manitou forklift truck features include:
  • Power steering facilitates easy movement with heavy loads
  • Wide anti-slip steps on either side
  • Display screen positioned to facilitate easy control light reading
  • Panoramic rear-view mirror
  • Fully integrated lighting (LED technology) in uprights
  • Tilting steering column
  • Vibration absorption system
  • Simple design reduces maintenance costs