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The whistleblowing system 

In addition to the usual existing channels, Manitou Group has set up an outsourced alert system that allows employees and external actors to report, within the limits of what is authorized by law, any violation of the five (5) categories of ethical matters that may be the subject of a report: 
  • Fight against corruption; 
  • Anti-competitive practices; 
  • Conflicts of interest; 
  • Combating discrimination and harassment in the work environment; 
  • Violation of the applicable internal control rules of the Group and in particular the violation of the limits of power of attorney (PoA), and/or delegation of authority (DoA). 

This system, which offers confidentiality and anonymity (when permitted by law), is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 

Manitou Group guarantees the protection of the whistleblower when the report is made in good faith.