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Because Manitou material handling equipment’s exceptional lift capacities can be channelled through over 200 process-enhancing attachments, the company’s robust and reliable telehandlers, forklifts, loaders and access platforms find wide applicability in any handling operation.

This equipment comes standard with nationwide backup service and support, to ensure maximum uptime to reduce your handling expenses and boost your productivity – no matter which industry you’re in.

Applicable Industries 

Ports – Manitou handling equipment is ideal for lifting and transporting various forms of cargo, as well as for performing maintenance on port buildings and vessels.

Food & beverage – Manitou handling equipment, with electric variations available for indoor use, can operate in closed-air environments with low emissions, precision, and maximum efficiency.

Bottling plants – Reliable technology built into Manitou handling equipment is essential when working with heavy and fragile materials, such as glass, etc.

Chemical – With low emissions and easy maintenance, Manitou handling equipment is suited for operation in environments where durability is essential – such as chemically corrosive environments.

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170 AETJ-L

Overall Height: 1.97m
Length: 6.84m
Width: 1.75m
Weight: 6910kg
Lifting Capacity: 200kg
Lifting Height: 14.90m
Working Height: 16.90m

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