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Manitou’s extensive ranges of all-terrain material handling equipment delivers powerful yet precise lift and reach capabilities to your construction projects, boosting productivity and profitability.

Our telehandlers and loaders can be customised to your specific application requirements via an array of attachments, providing exceptional versatility and enabling a single machine to perform many functions traditionally achieved with multiple application-specific machines.

Discover how Manitou machines increase 
productivity in construction:

  • A single Manitou Telescopic can lift up to heights of 30m, dig, load/unload, clean, scoop, tow (up to 35 tons)
  • 38 standard attachments for the construction and civil works industries
  • 360° fully rotational telehandler attachment exclusively available from Manitou.
  • 60 seconds required to change between attachments
  • One Manitou machine can carry out the tasks of 4 other machines in a fraction  of the time, requiring only one operator, and while using far less fuel
  • Four-wheel, two-wheel and crab steering modes for tight manoeuvring
  • Large tyres for minimal ground damage

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Telehandler MT-X 625

Lifting Capacity: 2500kg
Lifting Height: 5.85m
Weight: 4710kg
Power: 75ch
Height: 1.92m
Width: 1.81m

Telehandler MT-X 732

Lifting Capacity: 3200kg
Lifting Height: 6.90m
Power: 95ch
Width: 2.26m

Telehandler MT-X 1030 ST

Lifting Capacity: 3000kg
Lifting Height: 9.64m
Weight: 7525kg
Power: 101ch
Height: 2.30m
Width: 2.26m

Telehandler MT-X 1840

Lifting Capacity: 4000kg
Lifting Height: 17.55m
Weight: 11600kg
Power: 101ch
Height: 2.45m
Engine: Perkins Stage 3B
Width: 2.42m

Telehandler MRT-X 1440 Easy

Lifting Capacity: 4000kg
Lifting Height: 13.80m
Weight: 12490kg
Power: 101ch
Height: 2.97m
Engine: Perkins
Width: 2.40m
Length: 5.35m


Lifting Capacity: 4000kg
Lifting Height: 15.80m
Weight: 13000kg
Power: 101ch
Height: 2.97m
Engine: Perkins
Width: 2.40m
Length: 6.36m