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Since 1986, Manitou has designed, manufactured and sold a range of telescopic forklift trucks that specifically meets the needs of farmers, growers or stockbreeders.Manitou’s telehandlers, forklifts and loaders bring power, versatility, reliability and rough-terrain operability to all agricultural applications, including breeding, cereals and crop farming, nurseries and arboriculture and the equestrian sector.

Because these machines can be equipped with a large range of agricultural-specific attachments, a single machine can be modified for multi-functionality, which means these vehicles don’t just save money through enhanced productivity,  they minimise the need for multiple a single-purpose machine.

Range of equipment available from Manitou:

  • Telehandlers
  • Rough Terrain Forklift
  • Compact Loaders
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Telehandler attachments
  • Skid Steer Attachments

South African farmers are increasingly seeing the benefits of mechanisation found in Manitou machinery – with multi-purpose equipment performing a host of farming activities despite rough terrain and climatic conditions.

Manitou agriculture equipment is designed with decades of field knowledge to bring improved fuel efficiency, greater versatility and simplified handling to farms in South Africa and Southern Africa.

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Bale Clamp Classic


  • Rounded forged teeth for easy and clean handling
  • Synchronized closure


Telehandler MLT-X 735

Lifting Capacity: 3500kg
Lifting Height: 6.90m
Weight: 7075kg
Power: 101ch
Height: 2.30m
Engine: Perkins Stage 3A
Width: 2.40m
Length: 4.87m

Telehandler MLT-X 845

Lifting Capacity: 4500kg
Lifting Height: 7.55m
Weight: 8870kg
Power: 121ch
Height: 2.58m
Engine: Mercedes Stage 3A
Width: 2.42m
Length: 5.22m


Height To Hinge: 3023mm
Operating Capacity: 680kg
Operating Capacity w/Counterweight: 748kg
Weight: 2690kg
Power (kW) @ rpm: 35kW @ 2800


Height To Hinge: 3023mm
Operating Capacity: 748kg
Lifting Height: 3.65m
Weight: 2796kg
Power (kW) @ rpm: 52 kW @ 2500
Engine: Yanmar


Height To Hinge: 3061mm
Operating Capacity: 862kg
Operating Capacity w/Counterweight: 957kg
Weight: 3121kg
Power (kW) @ rpm: 52 kW @ 2500
Engine: Yanmar