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Our telehandlers are renowned for their reliable heavy-duty performance for a range of applications in arduous conditions.  Telehandlers from Manitou are designed with the mining, construction, industrial, agricultural and forestry industries in mind.

Features of our telehandlers:

  • Telehandlers equipped with load-sensing and monitoring to ensure safety
  • Available with a range of quick-hitch telehandler attachments
  • High ground clearance for all terrain capability
  • Designed for continuous work in and around your site
  • We also offer a range of mine-spec and flameproof telehandlers
  • Flameproof technology for underground soft rock mining conditions​

    We've created the world's largest telehandler

    With a nominal lift capacity of 35 tons on its 14-metre 2-stageboom, the Manitou MHT-X 14350 telehandler delivers an unprecedented level of mobile handling capacity to surface mining.​

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Telehandler MHT-X 10130

Length: 6.14m
Width: 2.51m
Height: 2.99m
Weight: 18490kg
Engine: Mercedes Stage 3A
Power: 176ch
Lifting Capacity: 13000kg
Lifting Height: 9.62m

MLT-X 625 75 H

Length: 3.90m
Width: 1.81m
Height: 1.81m
Weight: 4922kg
Engine: Perkins Stage 3A
Power: 75ch
Lifting Capacity: 2500kg
Lifting Height: 5.90m

MLT-X 627T COMPACT 20" Premium

Length: 4.69m
Width: 2.01m
Height: 2.30m
Weight: 5935kg
Engine: Perkins Stage 3A
Power: 101ch
Lifting Capacity: 2700kg
Lifting Height: 5.55m

MLT-X 732 – 100 Premium

Length: 4.74m
Width: 2.34m
Height: 2.30m
Weight: 6840kg
Engine: Perkins Stage 3A
Power: 95ch
Lifting Capacity: 3200kg
Lifting Height: 6.90m

Telehandler MT-X 625

Length: 3.89m
Width: 1.81m
Height: 1.92m
Weight: 4710kg
Power: 75ch
Lifting Capacity: 2500kg
Lifting Height: 5.85m

MLT-X 735 -120 LSU

Length: 4.79m
Width: 2.40m
Height: 2.30m
Weight: 7075kg
Engine: Perkins Stage 3A
Power: 101ch
Lifting Capacity: 3500kg
Lifting Height: 6.90m

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