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Access platforms from Manitou include a full range of vertical lift and articulated access platforms in diesel and electric configurations for aerial work applications in warehousing, construction, agriculture and municipal / utilities operations.

Our range of access platforms:

  • Electric access platforms
  • Diesel access platforms
Manitou access platform benefits:
  • Max. capabilities: 350kg weight | 27.75 m height
  • Vertical and articulated access platforms available
  • Fully rotational turrets available
  • Rapid, controlled raise times
  • Achieves precise platform control
  • 3D, up-and-over capabilities
  • Emergency descent and anti-roll functionality

Manitou has 15 access platform models for sale, available as both vertical lift and articulated access platform for all your manual aerial work applications. They have a wide range of safety features, including controlled work envelopes that ensure weight tolerances are not exceeded, emergency descent and anti-roll functionality.

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MAN-GO 12 Articulated Access Platform

Length: 5.50m
Width: 1.80m
Height: 2.02m
Weight: 4150kg
Lifting Capacity: 230kg
Lifting Height: 11.91m
Working Height: 11.91m

180 ATJ Articulated Access Platform

Length: 7.64m
Width: 2.28m
Height: 2.46m
Weight: 7550kg
Lifting Capacity: 230kg
Lifting Height: 17.65m
Working Height: 18.15m

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