MRT-X Telehandler Range

The MRT-X range is equipped with a load state monitoring system that ensures precision work as well as detection of load weight, boom angle and extension, working configuration and turret position.

This ensures that the highest levels of safety are adhered too. The MRT-X 3-in-1 rotating telescopic handler combines the benefits of the crane, telehandler and access platform into one ergonomic, economical machine!

Benefits of the MRT-X telehandler range:

  • Rough terrain capability with great manoeuvrability
  • Great lifting, up to 40 metres, and reach capacity with a 360° rotating boom
  • Remote controls for precision work
  • High lift ranges up to 4 000 kg

Achieve maximum performance in all mining, tunnelling and maintenance applications with our MRT-X range of telehandlers!

Telehandler MRT-X 1440

The MRT-X 1440 Easy Telehandler enables high load capacity lifting of 4 000 kg up to 13.8 metres, with 400° rotation for max. operator visibility. READ MORE

Telehandler MRT-X 1640

The MRT-X 1640 Easy Telehandler with a high load capacity 4 000 kg and a high reach up to 15.8 metres, and with 400° rotation for max. operator visibility. READ MORE

Telehandler MRT-X 1840

The MRT-X 1840 Easy Telehandler is able to lift 4 000 kilograms on stabilisers making them ideal for all terrains and all industries. READ MORE

Telehandler MRT-X 2150

The MRT-X 2150 Privilege Telehandler utilises a 150 HP Mercedes-Benz engine to lift 5 000 kg over 20 metres! READ MORE

Telehandler MRT-X 2540

The MRT-X 2540 Privilege Telehandler utilises a 150 HP Mercedes-Benz engine to reach up to 25 metres and when lifting up to 4 000 kilograms. READ MORE

Telehandler MRT-X 3255 Privilege

The MRT-X 3255 Privilege + Telehandler combines 360° continuous rotation versatility with a maximum lift capacity of 5 500 kg. READ MORE

30 years of innovation

Our range of telehandlers, forklifts and loaders for sale bring power, versatility, reliability and rough-terrain operability to all agricultural applications in South Africa. This includes breeding, cereals and crop farming, nurseries and arboriculture and the equestrian sector.

As these machines can be modified with a large range of agricultural-specific attachments, a single machine can be modified for multi-functionality. This equipment doesn’t just save money through enhanced productivity, it minimises the need for multiple single-purpose machines. Farmers in South Africa are increasingly discovering the benefits of mechanisation with multi-purpose equipment performing a host of farming activities despite rough terrain and climatic conditions.

Our agriculture equipment has been designed with three decades of field knowledge to guarantee improved fuel efficiency, greater versatility and simplified handling to farms in South Africa and Southern Africa. Our full line of attachments for the mining industry in South Africa includes cylinder and tyre handlers, jibs, man baskets, buckets hooks and winches.

Maintenance applications

We make your cylinder maintenance safer as our attachments:

  • Grab cylinders positively and securely
  • Feature manual torque tightening control systems
  • Have electronic load management and stability control
  • Have enhanced operator visibility

Enhance the capabilities of your telehandler with our range of attachments. Our engineers’ tailor-design and manufacture telehandler attachments to ensure they are suited to your most challenging application. The ROMASTOR telehandler attachment has been designed for greater flexibility with your telescopic handler. A single attachment can transform nearly any handling tool with 360° rotating carriages, and rotating forks which have vertical and horizontal movement.

The ROMASTOR is certified to lift up to 2 500 kg. Furthermore, our range of telehandler attachments is suited for internal and external materials handling applications. Wherever possible we tailor attachments for industry specific applications, as demonstrated with our comprehensive range of attachments for sale designed for the mining industry in South Africa.

Our equipment is cost efficient:

  • The versatility of our telescopic handlers diversifies your return of investment through multiple attachment solutions
  • Production equipment is quick and effective
  • Improve your fleet management maintenance as less items of machinery are required
  • Maintenance schedules are flexible

Telehandler warranty

The Manitou range of material handling equipment, including the range of telescopic telehandlers, comes standard with a 12 month (or 2 000 hour) warranty.


Make the most of telehandler versatility and save! Enquire now or call +27 10 040 7313 for tailored finance plans and pricing.