MHT-X Telehandler Range

The heavy-duty MHT-X range is ideal for mining, timber, quarrying, waste processing, empty container handling, piping and other heavy duty materials handling industries.

The MHT-X range of high capacity telehandlers from Manitou is ideal for handling heavy, bulky loads on uneven grounds – up to 35 000 kilograms!

Benefits of the MHT-X telehandler range:

  • Hydrostatic transmission for precision handling
  • Exceptional manoeuvrability
  • Load sensing boom control
  • High ground clearance for uneven ground
  • Spacious cab for maximum operator comfort
  • Fail-safe braking
  • Centralised greasing
  • Foam-filled tyres

We recently launched the world’s largest telehandler!

The Manitou MHT-X 14350 delivers an unprecedented level of mobile handling capacity to surface mining, heavy and general logistics industries with a nominal lift capacity of 35 tons on its 14-metre duplex turret

View Manitou’s range of MHT-X telehandlers:

Telehandler MHT-X 790

The MHT-X 790 Telehandler lifts an impressive 9 000 kg over 6.84 metres and is 4-wheel drive for all terrain capability. READ MORE

Telehandler MHT-X 10130

The MHT-X 10130 high capacity telehandler with a Stage 3A Mercedes engine lifts up to 13 000 kilograms over 9.6 metres! READ MORE

Telehandler MHT-X 10180

The MHT-X 10180 high capacity telehandler with a Stage 3A Mercedes engine lifts up to 18 000 kilograms over 9.7 metres! READ MORE

Telehandler MHT-X 10230

The MHT-X 10230 high capacity telehandler lifts 23 000 kg to 9.65 metres with a Stage 3A Mercedes engine! READ MORE

Telehandler MHT-X 14350

Manitou's MHT-X 14350 is the world's largest all-terrain telehandler lifting up to 35 tons for specialised applications. READ MORE

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