Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts from Manitou include both diesel and electric types for both indoor and outdoor aerial work. Manitou scissor lifts are designed for ergonomic, easy-to-use operation for maximum operator productivity, and offer a high level of stability and safety, with fail-safe descent operation. 

Our scissor lifts range for sale includes 6 models across electric and diesel configurations, offering a maximum lift of 680 kg, and a maximum reach of 14 m, achieved in under 40 seconds!

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You’ll find Manitou scissor lifts across Africa in construction, warehousing, agriculture and municipal / utilities applications!
  • Large platform area – 3 m x 2 m
  • Quick lifting of personnel and tools to height
  • Guard rails, safety cages, harnesses, and slant & overload alarms maximise safety!
  • Extendable platforms for maximum aerial platform space
  • Foldable rails mean low scissor lift footprint

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View Manitou’s range of electric & diesel scissor lifts:

Electric Scissor Lifts

Electric scissor lifts from Manitou are ideal for all indoor applications. Their compact, retractable design, including foldable rails and extending/retracting platforms, means they can be used in tight and obstructed sites, and can pass easily under doorways and other obstructions. READ MORE

Diesel Scissor Lifts

Diesel scissor lifts from Manitou offer large-platform work areas for heavy weights and can reach up to 14 metres in confined spaces. Our diesel scissor lifts are equipped with 4 hydraulic stabilisers with automatic levelling, ensuring maximum safety at greater heights. READ MORE

Leading design innovations in our scissor lifts

The compact dimensions of Manitou scissor lifts allow maximum flexibility and manoeuvrability around your jobsite. Combined with their ergonomic design and easy-to-use functionality and enhanced range of safety features, these aerial platforms are an essential product in your material handling arsenal!

The 3 x 2 m platform and 1.52 m extendable platform gives operators a safe, sturdy and stable surface for all sorts aerial work applications in a wide range of industries.

Also included in our aerial lift range are our cherry pickers. View our cherry picker range here!


Aftersales service

Not just for its scissor lifts, Manitou is a world-leader in all material handling equipment solutions! We’ve made our name not just by the extremely high quality of our machines, but in our aftersales service and the backup and support we offer to our customers.

We help customers achieve maximum uptime through a 365, 24/7 service and support offering. From a strategically located network of service branches, our team of highly skilled technicians guarantee a critical breakdown response of under 4 hours, with a 95% spare parts availability!

Manitou Southern Africa also offers full service and maintenance contracts, which assure customers fixed costs, maximum uptime and lifetime guarantees for scissor lifts and the entire Manitou equipment range.

Electric Scissor Lifts

78 SEC Electric Scissor Lifts
These scissor lifts lift 227 kg to 7.79 m, ideal in a range of aerial work in a variety of applications, including tight and obstructed targets.

100 SEC Electric Scissor Lifts
100 SEC scissor lifts are ideal for indoor operation and warehousing applications. This scissor lift lifts 227 kg to 9.92 m.

120 SE Electric Scissor Lifts
This scissor lift can lift 318 kg to 11.75 m, allowing operators to reach most heights within buildings.


Diesel Scissor Lifts

100 SC Scissor Lifts
100 SC scissor lifts have a compact frame that is perfect for busy jobsites. They have a lift capacity of 680 kg at 7.9 m.

120 SC Scissor Lifts 
120 SC scissor lifts enable workers to work comfortably at heights up to 11.96 m. These scissor lifts have a lift capacity of 454 kg.

140 SC Scissor Lifts
This diesel-powered scissor lift is built for high-reach aerial work, lifting 363 kg to 14.2 m. 

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Manitou scissor lifts deliver safe, ergonomic and compact aerial platforms for maximum efficiency! Enquire now or call +27 10 040 7313 for tailored finance plans and pricing.