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The Gehl range of Loaders available from Manitou are guaranteed to maximise uptime and extend service life.  Being at the forefront of equipment design we have a range of loaders bound to suit your requirements.

View our wide range of loaders:

The Gehl loaders are designed for use in mining, timber, agriculture or construction and are designed for maximum suitability – for operators and the task at hand – in almost any environment.

Driven for performance, features include:

  • Compact frame for confined spaces
  • Robust, high horsepower and hydraulic systems
  • Low noise operation
  • Designed with durability and safety in mind
  • Equipped with operator comfort features
  • Available with a range of attachments and accessories
  • Internationally and locally-recognised safety standards accredited

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View Manitou’s range of Gehl compact loaders:

Skid Steer Loader: 3 - 4 ton

Manitou skid steer loaders in the 3 to 4 ton operating class utilise a radial lift configuration for versatility and power across a range of industries. READ MORE

Skid Steer Loader: 4 - 5 ton

Manitou skid steer loaders in the 4 to 5 ton class offer high lift, high reach capacities, yet retain their manoeuvrability and flexibility. READ MORE

Articulated Loaders

Articulated loaders from Manitou have steering angles of up to 45° and lifting capacities to over 1 160 kilograms, with a wide range of accredited attachments. READ MORE

Track Loaders

Track loaders from Manitou can safely lift up to 4 tons of material to heights of 3.2 metres, and have industry exclusive tensioning systems. READ MORE