Electric Forklift

Electric forklifts from Manitou are engineered to perform. Manitou’s electric forklifts are able to lift up to 3 tons. With both 3 and 4-wheel drive options, Manitou has perfected its range of 6 electric forklifts for the past 60 years, ensuring optimal productivity in your application.

The electric forklift provides the following:

  • Performance in confined spaces
  • Durable and low-maintenance hydraulics 
  • Regenerative braking systems
  • Extended battery life
  • Twin-steer tyres
  • Fume-free operation
  • Forklift finance available

Improved material handling with Manitou electric forklifts!

Manitou’s electric forklifts are designed with greater manoeuvrability in mind, allowing for narrower aisles and more storage capacity within a warehouse. With tight turning radiuses, compact designs and advanced counterweight stability, electric forklifts from Manitou guarantee improved warehouse safety by reducing the risk of impacts.

View Manitou’s range of electric forklifts:

ME 315 AC Electric Forklift

ME 315 AC masted forklift from Manitou can lift 1 500 kg up to 3.3 metres (4.2 metres when mast is extended), and is ideal for all warehousing applications. READ MORE

ME 316 AC Electric Forklift

The ME 316 AC Electric Forklift is ideal for all indoor applications
with a high load capacity of 1 600 kg and a lifting height of up to 3.3 metres. READ MORE

ME 320 AC Electric Forklift

The ME 320 AC Electric Forklift from Manitou masters all warehousing applications with a high load capacity of up to 2 000 kg and high voltage battery! READ MORE

ME 425 AC Electric Forklift

ME 425 AC Electric Forklift from Manitou is able to lift up to 2 500 kg over 3 metres! Equipped with a high voltage battery, this machine achieves all-out performance! READ MORE

ME 430 AC Electric Forklift

The Manitou ME 430 AC forklift is the largest in range with a lift capacity of 3 000 kg and large voltage battery 80/560 V/Ah! READ MORE

Every electric forklift for sale is available with Maniplus extended warranty.

All Manitou handling equipment, including the range of electric forklifts, comes standard with a 12 month or 2 000 hour warranty, whichever occurs first.  Manitou offers an extended warranty that will come into effect after the original manufacturer's warranty expires.  Electric forklift service centres are located nationally with completesupport 24/7 and 365 days a year, with 95% spares availability.

Our extended warranty offering is available in:

  • Additional 12 months or 1000 hours
  • Additional 12 months or 2000 hours
  • Additional 24 months or 3000 hours
  • Additional 24 months or 4000 hours

Improve warehouse performance with proven reliability, greater efficiency and lower running costs.  Enquire now or call +27 10 040 7313 for tailored finance plans and pricing.