Electric Forklift Truck

The new Manitou MI range of internal combustion industrial forklifts achieves high performance in any application, and was designed and tested by our global R&D teams to achieve optimised efficiency, high levels of safety and operator comfort.

The result is the MI range of electric forklift trucks that are equipped with Powershift Transmission for optimal reliability and a guaranteed jerk-free approachOur electric forklift trucks reliably lifts from 1 800 to 3 500 kg.

Benefits of our electric forklift truck range:

  • Securely lift 1 800 to 3 500 kilograms
  • Enhanced handling, operator comfort and safety
  • Wide mast opening for enhanced manoeuvrability
  • Open-work roof for high vision tilting cylinders to
    increase space

Improved material handling with Manitou electric forklifts!

The Manitou forklift truck range features unique industry-firsts in ergonomics such as contoured seats with seatbelts, extra foot well space, advanced cab heating, and well-positioned mount and unmount handles. 

In addition, Manitou now stocks a comprehensive range of diesel and petrol high capacity forklift trucks.

View Manitou’s range of electric forklift trucks:

MI 18 G Forklift Truck

The MI 18 G masted industrial forklift truck from Manitou is equipped with a powerful Nissan engine that allows it to lift 1 800 kg over 3.30 metres. READ MORE

MI 25 G Forklift Truck

The MI 25 G industrial forklift truck is able to lift 2 500 kg over 3 metres with its high torque transmission Nissan engine. READ MORE

MI 30 G Forklift Truck

The MI 30 G industrial masted forklift truck lifts up to 3 000 kg on its robust forks over 3.3 metres in all applications thanks to its powerful Nissan engine. READ MORE

MI 35 G Forklift Truck

The MI 35 G Nissan masted forklift truck is designed for all terrains with 4.4% gradeability and is able to reach over 3 m with a 3 500 kg load! READ MORE

Reduce user fatigue and boost performance with Manitou forklift trucks

Manitou has taken decades of user experience and focused it into its ultra-modern forklift truck range. By doing this, we found that operator comfort plays an essential role in determining workers’ daily output.

Other Manitou forklift truck features include:

  • Non-slip steps on either side of the cab
  • Improved visibility with a wide mast opening
  • Open roof design
  • Profiled rear pillars (for easier reversing)
  • Rear headlights placed on top of
  • Protective roof

Improve warehouse performance with proven reliability, greater efficiency and lower running costs.  Enquire now or call +27 10 040 7313 for tailored finance plans and pricing.