At Manitou, you can rely on our range of 30 forklifts to increase productivity, cut down costs and minimise down time.  

Our wide wide range of forklifts enclude:

Optimise your productivity in real-time!

  • Load capacities range between 1 800 to 7 000 kilograms
  • Compact designs of the electric & LPG forklift ensure easy manoeuvrability in around confined spaces
  • Rough terrain forklifts have load capacities of up to 7 000 kilograms
  • Forklift trucks are ultra-compact with a load capacity of up to 3 500 kilograms

Our rough terrain & conventional forklifts master any application!

Conventional forklifts are available in electric and diesel/LPG variations and are suitable for any lifting application. Our compact designs also enable the machines to operate in confined spaces.

Whether you’re in the mining, agriculture, warehousing or construction industry, we have a forklift to suit your material handling needs!

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View Manitou’s wide range of forklifts:

Electric Forklift

Manitou's electric forklifts are able to lift up to 3 000 kilograms tons. With both 3 and 4-wheel drive options, Manitou has perfected its range of electric forklifts, ensuring optimal productivity in your application. READ MORE

Electric Forklift Truck

Manitou's range of electric forklift trucks lift from 1 800 to 3 500 kg while improving operator visibility, efficiency and comfort. READ MORE

Rough Terrain Forklift

Rough terrain forklifts from Manitou optimise productivity in Africa's toughest mining, agriculture and construction industries up to 700kg! READ MORE