Flameproof Mining Equipment

Our flameproof mining equipment consists of numerous innovations designed to protect, insulate and filter exposed sensitive, reactive motor components - in addition to enhanced braking and operator safety mechanisms.

Redefining underground mining equipment safety, Manitou has designed an array of advanced safety technology solutions, which can be easily fitted to our complete range of adaptable underground mining vehicles and equipment according to application demands.

Flameproof mining equipment from Manitou equips the MT-X 732 & MT-X 625 Telehandler,  Gehl 4240 Skid Steer Loader, and the new, recently-launched Manitou Manitrax and Manitou Scaler with numerous fire resistant and retardant innovations designed to deliver enhanced levels of operator safety in extremely hazardous, caustic underground environments.

Through the flameproof mining equipment range, Manitou is redefining the benchmark of operational safety in hazardous combustible and explosive subterranean mining environments.

Manitou's advanced flameproof mining equipment technology comprises:

  • Flameproof systems
  • Explosion resistant designs
  • Enhanced operability
  • Electric Start (on selected equipment)

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Flameproof Manitou Scaler

The Flameproof Manitou Scaler provides 180° reach of 11 m, enabling mine operators to scale hard and soft rock with maximum safety READ MORE

Flameproof MT-X 625 Telehandler

Manitou's Flameproof MT-X 625 Telehandler has customised configurations to meet SANS flameproof specifications. Customised solutions available READ MORE

Flameproof ManiTrax Tow Tractor

The Flameproof ManiTrax Tow Tractor from Manitou is a utility vehicle designed for haul, tow and transport functions in underground mines READ MORE

Flameproof MT-X 732 Telehandler

Manitou's Flameproof MT-X732 Telehandler has customised standard configurations to meet flameproof specifications. READ MORE

Manitou's flameproof mining equipment is suitable for both hard- and soft-rock mining applications:

Hard rock flameproof mining equipment is modified with catalytic fume filters and diluters for higher safety and environmental standards and increased productivity.

Soft rock flameproof mining equipment is adapted for fiery underground environments, and include an array of flameproof technology innovations designed to minimise opportunities for combustion and explosion.

Our flameproof mining equipment lowers the risk of sparking or over-heating and improves operator safety in hazardous conditions with the following technologies:

  • Flameproof diesel engine designs, radiators, header tanks, cowls, cooling fans, exhausts and intake manifolds increase mining equipment durability to combustion.
  • Stainless steel exhaust flame traps arrest petroleum flames.
  • Separate electrical gauges.
  • Insulated electrical systems and controls protect components and minimise the possibility of electrical shorts and arcs in wet conditions.
  • Hydraulic starter motors are favoured as they do not create sparks.
  • Advanced braking technology capable of stopping machines on slope aspects of up to 17 degrees, with an exceptional friction co-efficient between wheels and surface of no less than 0.3. Telehandlers are equipped with spring-applied hydraulic release braking on each wheel.
  • The advanced dry-type exhaust cooling system reduces maintenance and offers effective combustion control
  • Fume filters and diluters improve underground air quality.