Skid Steer Attachments

Optimise productivity, minimise costs and reduce downtime with Manitou’s wide range of skid steer attachments. Whether you’re in the agricultural or construction industries, we have skid steer loader attachments to improve your handling tasks. Manitou offers customised skid steer loader attachments to improve productivity and as skid steer loaders are easily transformed to meet your handling needs. We also offer exclusive assistance in helping you customise attachments – to suit any application.

A single Manitou skid steer can perform multiple tasks, thanks to a complete range of skid steer attachments from Manitou.

Skid steer attachments from Manitou offer:

  • Increased versatility and enhanced uptime
  • Industry-generic and industry-specific attachments
  • Application specific tailored attachments
  • National skid steer attachment service

Our new heavy-duty M450H mulcher skid steer attachment is now available for sale throughout South Africa. It offers high performance, high-density bush clearing!

Each of Manitou’s range of attachments has a product range of their own, substantially increasing your choice and ensuring you have the most suitable attachment for the task at hand.

Make the most of skid steer versatility with the most appropriate attachment and save!   Enquire now or call +27 10 040 7313 for tailored finance plans and pricing.