Mining Equipment

Designed with safety, functionality and ‘toughness’ in mind, Manitou has capitalised on over 25 years of experience to manufacture a range of industrial telehandlers, loaders, forklifts and access platforms capable of brining you the latest in mining equipment and technology.

New flameproof innovations

An international hub of innovative product development, Manitou Southern Africa has developed a range of new equipment in response to underground mining challenges in southern Africa, introduced in 2014.

ManiTrax Tow Tractor: for transporting and towing equipment, tools, skids and tanks.  READ MORE

Manitou Scaler: enables operators to scale hard and soft rock from secure areas on its seven metre, 180° rotational turret.  READ MORE

Manitou RoofBolter: an automated drill and bolt rig offering manoeuvrability and performance in confined soft and hard rock hanging walls as low as 1.8 metres. READ MORE

  • Over 40 vehicles in our mining range
  • Flameproof technologies for soft rock mining
  • Mine spec for hard rock mining
  • Sales and support in southern Africa
  • Extended warranties available
  • Customised machines and attachments according to your application requirement

Increase profitability with correct mining equipment for your specialised needs


With 19 models available, Manitou telehandlers (telescopic handlers) are versatile and will optimise any heavy-duty handling task. Maximum lifting capacities up to 35 tons and heights up to 30 meters! - Flameproof technology for underground soft rockmining conditions READ MORE


With over 30 models to choose from, Manitou electric and diesel/LPG forklifts are designed for maximum loads up to 7 tons in both indoor and extreme rough terrain applications. READ MORE

Loaders Range

Our range of track loaders, skid steer loaders and articulated loaders are compact, robust and durable - lifting up to 1.7 tons to heights of 1.7 meters. A range of EDGE attachments are available. READ MORE


Skid steer loader and telehandler attachments from Manitou increase productivity and minimise costs, and can be custom-designed to meet your requirements. READ MORE

Access Platforms

Access platforms from Manitou are the safe vertical reach equipment, lifting weights of up to 350 kg to heights of 27.75 m. READ MORE

Service and support

Manitou’s support network is on stand-by 24 / 7, 365 days a year. We guarantee 95% parts availability and delivery within 48 hours! This ensures maximum uptime and productivity. No matter where in Africa your mining operation is situated, our service and support network is only a call away.