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Designed with safety, functionality and ‘toughness’ in mind, Manitou has capitalised on over 25 years of experience to manufacture a range of industrial telehandlers, loaders, forklifts and access platforms capable of bringing you the latest in mining equipment and technology.

New flameproof innovations

An international hub of innovative product development, Manitou Southern Africa has developed a range of new equipment in response to underground mining challenges in southern Africa, introduced in 2014.

ManiTrax Tow Tractor: for transporting and towing equipment, tools, skids and tanks.  READ MORE

Manitou Scaler: enables operators to scale hard and soft rock from secure areas on its seven meters, 180° rotational turret.  READ MORE

Manitou RoofBolter: an automated drill and bolt rig offering maneuverability and performance in confined soft and hard rock hanging walls as low as 1.8 meters. READ MORE

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Telehandler MT-X 625

Lifting Capacity: 2500kg
Lifting Height: 5.85m
Weight: 4710kg
Power: 75ch
Height: 1.92m
Width: 1.81m

Telehandler MT-X 732

Lifting Capacity: 3200kg
Lifting Height: 6.90m
Power: 95ch
Width: 2.26m

Telehandler MT-X 1030 ST

Lifting Capacity: 3000kg
Lifting Height: 9.64m
Weight: 7525kg
Power: 101ch
Height: 2.30m
Width: 2.26m

Telehandler MT-X 1235 ST

Lifting Capacity: 4000kg
Lifting Height: 12.00m
Weight: 9210kg
Power: 101ch
Height: 2.58m
Width: 2.32m

Telehandler MT-X 1440 SLT

Lifting Capacity: 4000kg
Lifting Height: 13.60m
Weight: 11227kg
Power: 101ch
Height: 2.61m
Width: 2.31m

Telehandler MT-X 1740 SLT

Lifting Capacity: 4000kg
Lifting Height: 17.60m
Weight: 11840kg
Power: 101ch
Height: 2.61m
Width: 3.82m