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Manitou’s range of forklifts combines over 55 years’ experience and innovation in the field of durable forklift design.  At Manitou, you can rely on our range of 30 forklifts to increase productivity, cut down costs and minimise down time.

Our wide range of forklifts include:

  • Electric forklift
  • Rough terrain forklift
  • Diesel and petrol forklift trucks
  • Electric forklift trucks 
  • Truck mounted forklifts
Optimise your productivity in real-time!
  • Load capacities range between 1 800 to 7 000 kilograms
  • Compact designs of the electric & LPG forklift ensure easy manoeuvrability in around confined spaces
  • Rough terrain forklifts have load capacities of up to 7 000 kilograms
  • Forklift trucks are ultra-compact with a load capacity of up to 3 500 kilograms
  • Vertical or masted forklift trucks
  • Serviced & supported throughout South Africa
Our rough terrain & conventional forklifts master any application!

Conventional forklifts are available in electric and diesel/LPG variations and are suitable for any lifting application in South Africa. Our compact designs also enable the machines to operate in confined spaces.

Whether you’re in the mining, agriculture, warehousing or construction industry, we have a forklift to suit your material handling needs!

Manitou’s entire range of forklifts is available for sale throughout South Africa exclusively through Manitou Southern Africa


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ME 315 AC Electric Forklift

Lifting Capacity: 1500kg
Lifting Height: 6.50m
Weight: 3060kg
Length: 2.70m

ME 316 AC Electric Forklift

Lifting Capacity: 1600kg
Lifting Height: 6.50m
Weight: 3100kg
Length: 2.80m

ME 320 AC Electric Forklift

Lifting Capacity: 2000kg
Lifting Height: 6.50m
Weight: 3565kg
Length: 2.90m

ME 425 AC Electric Forklift

Lifting Capacity: 2500kg
Lifting Height: 6.00m
Weight: 4360kg
Length: 3.40m

ME 430 AC Electric Forklift

Lifting Capacity: 3000kg
Lifting Height: 6.00m
Weight: 5400kg
Length: 3.60m

MI 18 D Forklift Truck

Lifting Capacity: 1800kg
Lifting Height: 6.50m
Weight: 3100kg
Height: 2.15m
Engine: Yanmar 3A
Width: 1.08m
Length: 3.35m