Telescopic Handler

Manitou’s telescopic handlers have a wide application base, and, with a range of quick-fit telescopic handler attachments, can perform multiple tasks from a single machine.

Telescopic handler machines from Manitou have established a reputation within the mining, construction and agricultural industries for robust, reliable and efficient performance.

Our telehandler range includes over 26 models, suitable for maximum loads of between 2 500 to 35 000 kilograms. This range includes flameproof and minespec machines for underground mining, rough terrain telehandlers, compact telehandlers and rotating telehandlers.

Telescopic handler machines from Manitou provide:

  • Max. capacity: 40 000 kg, max. height: 30 m
  • 2-wheel, 4-wheel and crab-steer
  • Excellent all-round visibility
  • Low noise levels
  • 45+ telehandler attachments for maximum versatility
  • Improved user safety and ergonomic usability for max. site productivity

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MT-X Telescopic Handlers

Manitou’s MT-X range of telescopic handlers pick and place loads from 2 500 to 4 000 kg on a maximum 17.5 m turret. These vehicles’ relatively compact size delivers enhanced manoeuvrability, which, together with optional flame-proofing modifications, positions these machines as the ultimate underground mining vehicle. READ MORE

MRT-X Telescopic Handlers

Designed for rotational handling performance in the 4 to 5 ton lift bracket, the MRT-X 3-in-1 Manitou rotating telescopic handlers in the Easy range and Privilege range combine the benefits of the crane, telehandler and access platform into one ergonomic, economical machine. The MRT-X range is equipped with telescopic stabilisers, while its load state monitoring system ensures detects operational parameters, including load weight, boom angle and extension, working configuration and turret position, to ensure high levels of safety. READ MORE

MLT-X Telescopic Handlers

The MLT-X range of telehandlers from Manitou is designed for enhancing agricultural material handling applications in up to 12-hour shifts. The MLT-X rough terrain telescopic handlers lift up to 4 500 kg, and are totally equip-able with a wide selection of agricultural implement attachments, enabling you to carry out all your farm handling tasks: animal feed, harvesting work and bulk loading and unloading. READ MORE

MHT-X Telescopic Handlers

The MHT-X range of telescopic handlers are designed with an emphasis on size to deliver handling capabilities for heavy, bulky loads on uneven grounds – up to 35 000 kg on a 10-m boom! The heavy-duty MHT-X range is ideal for mining, wood clamp, steel, buckets and loading and container handling applications. READ MORE

Manitou attachments

Manitou has a range of telehandler attachments for sale to enhance the usability of your machine. Manitou’s engineers’ tailor-design and manufacture telehandler attachments – ideally suited to your most challenging application.

The brand new ROMASTOR attachment is a patented design for greater flexibility with your telehandler. A single attachment, it can transform into nearly any handling tool with 360° rotating carriages, and rotating forks which have vertical and horizontal movement. The ROMASTOR is certified to lift up to 2 500 kg. We have a range of mining attachment suited for most materials handling industries, indoor, outdoor, aboveground and underground. Where possible we tailor attachments for industry specific applications, as can be seen with our comprehensive range of attachments tailored for the mining industry. These include:

Safety cages | Conveyor belt handlers | Cable drum handlers | Strut and cylinder handlers | Tyre handlers | Wheel motor handlers | 5th wheel tow hitches | Counter weights | Stabilisers | Scalers | Jibs | Roof bolters | ROMASTOR

Enhanced capability with a Manitou telescopic handler

The Manitou telescopic handler range is built to grip, scoop, lift, pull, scrape, clean and load in a variety of environments, including rough terrain and confined, complex space environments. With powerful tyre handler attachments, buckets or forks, a single telescopic handler can perform the tasks of many machines, enabling massive cost benefits and operational efficiency.

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