Mine Spec Equipment

Mine spec equipment from Manitou is designed for surface, underground, hard and soft rock mining applications throughout Southern Africa. 

We offer 41 mine spec machines that deliver improved reliability, operating efficiency and machine capability to maximise your mine’s profitability.

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Manitou mine spec equipment:

Mine Spec: Equipment for hard rock mining

These machines are modified for increased underground air quality with catalytic fume filters and diluters.

Flameproof: Solutions for soft rock mining

These machines feature flameproof radiators, header tanks, cowls, cooling fans, intake manifolds, fuel pumps, air blast coolers, electrical systems, hydraulic starters and alarms.


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Africa’s mines rely on Manitou mine spec equipment:

Manitou Flameproof Telehandlers

Modified telehandlers with a range of dependable, wet system flame-proofing technologies to maximise its telescopic functionality in hazardous, combustible underground conditions.


Gehl 4240 Skid Steer Loader

These machines were designed for fiery mines and explosive gas and dust atmospheres. Its dry system flame-proofing, compact dimensions, joystick control option and low noise operation have contributed to the machine’s reputation as a safer, more productive and more comfortable underground material handler.


ManiTrax Tow Tractor

Designed for transporting and towing equipment, tools, skids and tanks, the ManiTrax utility vehicle combines exceptional hauling capabilities with maximum manoeuvrability. This includes full four-wheel and crab steering functionality allied to sleeker, more compact exterior designs.


Manitou RoofBolter

An automated drill and bolt rig providing manoeuvrability and performance in confined soft and hard rock hanging walls as low as 1.8 metres. The Manitou Roof Bolter consists of a single rotating carousel head, which carries 6 roof bolts, and enables drilling, automatic epoxy insertion and bolting functions in a single procedure.


Conveyor Belt Handler

Enhance the logistical capabilities of conveyor belt reel handling with a maximum mobile lift capacity of 35 tons and complete 4x4 handling. Manitou’s conveyor belt handler accepts belt reels of all widths and can integrate winders and reel clamps, offering a precise, fast solution to improve productivity of conveyor transporting and laying.


Tyre Handlers

The Manitou tyre handler enhances safer, more productive and cost-efficient tyre maintenance on large dump trucks, LHDs and utility vehicles. The tyre handler attachment combines 8 hydraulically-powered movements to provide versatile, 3-dimensional handle-ability of conventional, chained and foam-filled tyres of various dimensions.


Cylinder Handlers

Operators can now transport, install and replace large, heavy cylinders on-site with smooth and accurate telescopic catching and positioning over rough terrain, ensuring maximum uptime for your mining equipment. The reduction pads deliver a permanent cylinder grip, negating the risk of sudden slippage for enhanced mine safety.


Mining Attachments

Manitou offers the South African mining sector the most comprehensive range of mine spec equipment and attachments for its material handling equipment to maximise machine capabilities via application-specific implements.



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