Lift Trucks

Lift trucks from Manitou optimise your warehouse performance throughout southern Africa with an extensive range of equipment that suits the exact requirements your space, materials and lifting heights.

We offer practical lift truck solutions according to your lifting capacities and mast sizes that provide high-performance and accurate pallet and goods handling, even in the busiest warehouses.

Our lift trucks and warehousing solutions increase your performance, offer best-in-class fume-free operation and feature a short turning radius for maximum mobility in the tightest spaces!

Features of our lift trucks:

  • Maximum operator visibly for increased safety levels
  • 360° visibility with open cab designs in selected models
  • Low maintenance and easy-to-access hydraulic systems
  • Long-lasting batteries offer fume-free operation
  • Ergonomic designs for maximum operator comfort
  • Manitou covers the costs of repairs required for faulty parts and manufacturing defects for its entire range of lift trucks

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Manitou offers a complete range of maintenance and lift truck financing solutions to simplify your daily work!


Electric Forklift

Manitou offers both 3 and 4 wheel electric forklifts that are able to lift up to 3 000 kilograms in compact spaces.

Our electric forklifts feature durable and low-maintenance hydraulics and extended battery life. Our electric forklifts improve warehouse performance with proven reliability, greater efficiency and lower running costs.

Diesel Forklift Truck

Manitou’s diesel forklift trucks feature specialised design features such as large diameter wheels in the front that allow them to excel over any type of ground, both indoors and outdoors.

Our diesel forklift truck range achieves enhanced productivity with top-quality Yanmar diesel and Nissan LPG models, lifting between 1 800 to over 5 000 kilograms.

Electric Forklift Truck

The Manitou electric forklift truck range achieves high performance in any application and is designed and tested by our global R&D teams to achieve optimised efficiency, high levels of safety and operator comfort.

Equipped with Powershift Transmission for optimal reliability and a guaranteed jerk-free operation, our electric forklift truck range can reliably lift between 1 800 and 3 500 kilograms.

Order Picker

Control the movement and storage of materials in your warehouse more efficiently with Manitou’s order picker. Each order picker in the Manitou range provides direct pallet access and direct access to other stored items with its specialised designs.

In addition, our order pickers are easy to operate and are able to lift between 1 600 and 2 000 kilograms!

Pallet Stacker

Ideal for any warehouse environment, the Manitou pallet stacker range is designed to easily manoeuvre through small spaces and gets the job done faster and cost-effectively!

Our pallet stacker range is available in manual and electro manual variations and can lift up to 2 000 kilograms.

Pallet Trucks

Manitou offers a wide range of pallet trucks for lifting, moving and stacking pallets. These pallet trucks are pedestrian operated, provide high-performance and accurate pallet handling in even the busiest warehouse environments!

Our pallet truck range is able to master narrow aisle spaces (as small as 1.5 metres), yet is able to lift great capacities from 1 600 to 2 200 kilograms.

Lift Truck Extended Warranty

Manitou offers an extended warranty for your lift truck equipment. Manitou covers the costs of repairs required for faulty parts and manufacturing defects.

Optimised Lift Truck Maintenance

For greater peace of mind, let the lift truck specialists take care of maintaining and monitoring your handling equipment!

  • Your lift truck equipment can be maintained by technicians trained regularly in Manitou technology and equipment.
  • Your Manitou dealer will insure your equipment is professionally maintained to maximise productivity and protect your investment.

Optimise your warehouse performance today and contact Manitou for a lift truck solution!