Compact Telehandlers

Manitou’s compact telehandler can lift and manoeuvre loads of up to 4 tons to a maximum height of 16.65 metres on a its hydraulic boom.

Compact telehandlers from Manitou retain their high load capacity and power within a compact, low-gravity vehicle design to enhance productivity, versatility and reliability in tight, confined operating environments.

Benefits & features of the compact telehandler:

  • Lifting capacities of up to 4 tons
  • Maximum lifting heights of up to 16.65 metres
  • Reach complex up-and-over height locations
  • Reduced stowed height
  • Compact footprint
  • Front-wheel, rear-wheel and crab steering
  • Simple service, maintenance and inspection procedures

Manitou’s highly versatile compact telehandlers optimise productivity in confined environments through innovative machine design. 


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Manitou compact telehandler range



Telehandler MT-X 625

The MT-X 625 telehandler offers exceptional rough terrain performance with 4-wheel drive, and lifts up to 2 500 kilograms to over 5 metres in height. READ MORE

Telehandler MT-X 732

The MT-X 732 telehandler is able to lift 3 200 kilograms up to 6.9 metres, and ensures operator visibility with 113° carriage rotation. READ MORE

Telehandler MT-X 1030 ST

The MT-X 1030 ST telehandler lifts 3 000 kg loads up to 9.6 metres in under 7 seconds, and its 101 HP Perkins engine ensures peak performance.  READ MORE

Telehandler MT-X 1235 ST

The MT-X 1235 ST telehandler masters the lifting of high capacity loads (up to 3 500 kg) to over 12 metres over the toughest terrains. READ MORE

Telehandler MT-X 1440 SLT

The MT-X 1440 SLT telehandler is able to lift up to 4 000 kilograms over 13.5 metres in under 10 seconds with its 101 HP Perkins engine.  READ MORE

Telehandler MT-X 1740 SLT

The MT-X 1740 SLT telehandler, for rough terrains, is able to lift up to 4 000 kg over 16.5 m with an impressive 2.2 m outreach at height. READ MORE

Telehandler attachments

An array of telehandler attachments can be fitted onto the compact telehandler, resulting in a versatile machine that is equally adept in mining, construction, agriculture and timber farming. As a centre for global mining excellence, Manitou will custom-develop any attachment to suit your unique industry requirements

Range of attachments includes:

  • Forks
  • Buckets
  • Baskets
  • Jib

Flameproof telehandlers – ideal for underground mining applications!

The flameproof wet system of the Manitou MT-X 625 and MT-X 732 have a fully programmable engine control system. In its standard configuration, it monitors the engine temperature, hydraulic pressure, oil pressure, fuel level, battery voltage as well as driver training and information.

The system can be customised to specifications for most control aspects from customised start-up screens to password access control. A fail-safe braking system has been incorporated to prevent runaway and vehicle motion in the event the operator is away from the telehandler.

Manitou introduced the world’s highest-capacity telehandler, capable of lifting up to 35 tonnes on its 14 metre boom.


Manitou will customise attachments to suit your unique mining application! Enquire now or call+27 10 040 7313 for tailored finance plans and pricing.